Montag, 25. April 2011

Private Intelligence

Author: Blancke, Stephan

Private Intelligence

Intelligence activities of non-state actors

From the series: Globale Gesellschaft und internationale Beziehungen

2011. Dissertation Freie Universität Berlin, 2010. Ca. 220 S. With 14 illustrations and four tables
ISBN: 978-3-531-18288-9

Private intelligence services - a threat to democracy? (Expected Release Date: 17/06/2011)
In contrast to the private military service providers the activities of private intelligence structures (PIS) are largely a mystery. While in Germany some incidents of this gray area were published in the media, dimension and structure of this booming industry are unknown - they are behaving discreetly. This book provides an survey not only of the historical development of classical private intelligence service providers, but also the intelligence structures of cults and organized crime as well as the activities of former journalists and public servants. It describes the massive outsourcing of intelligence, which consequences are unpredictable, far almost any democratic control.