Dienstag, 19. November 2019

Mercedes Maybach and North Korea

The UN Panel of Experts on North Korea (Security Council Resolution 1874 (2009)) writes in his report (S /2019/691):

A Mercedes-Maybach S-class limousine was observed first in Pyongyang and
then  in  Hanoi  during  the  United  States-Democratic  People’s  Republic  of  Korea
summit in February 2019 (p. 22)

During my extensive research on this case - which I conducted together with a good friend - I remembered an analysis on North Korean networks in Germany, which I didn't write for the public already in 2014. Beside other details I took a screenshot from a North Korean propaganda video, which showed the following:

I'm not an expert on cars, but even the experts who are familiar with it are not completely sure, if one can see one or two Maybachs in the background. On the left side it might be an older Mercedes S-class.

I am pretty sure that sanctions doesn't work - and the more people will pay for luxury goods the more they will find shady traders who are willing to take the risk. This is also the case with Mercedes Maybach!