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Chinese intelligence capabilities

Clear and brief: This is my new essay about Chinese intelligence, an analysis of today capacities and a forecasting, to read in Jane´s Intelligence Review. http://www.janes.com/article/23922/chinese-whispers-chinese-intelligence-capabilities Beside this I work - together with Jens Rosenke - on a longer paper about Chinese military espionage. This will take a time, but we come along a few interesting aspects, e.g. an assessment of Chinese real military requirements and a new calculation of the number of possible spies, controlled by Chinese institutes in Germany. Till then you can watch a video showing the way Chinese spies are relaxing after work, taken at the Chinese embassy in Berlin: (Unfortunately Blogger can´t spin the video. You see here a line of windows in the upper floor. In the middle there seems to be the gym > a guy is using the bycicle..)