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Shady business behind CPEC

The last months a lot of paper about the CPEC were produced - regarding the Chinese political-economic agenda in South East Asia. Beside the official and more or less transparent economic relations between both countries Jens Rosenke and me are, as always, more interested in the shady corners of economic projects, especially when it comes to sanctioned or in general security related technology. Therefore we worked a while on a paper, which is mainly about the research in proliferation and illegal procurement issues. But of course we also found a lot of smaller and bigger entities somehow connected in interesting ways and sometimes busy in disguising their intentions. The good thing is: "Investigating proliferation activities between China and Pakistan" is free for download ! Recently, I had put a part of my archive online as a searchable version , where o ne can find also various entries on proliferation, China or Pakistan. The paper, which is now available fo