Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017

China - North Korea: Cooperation not so new

An article by the Wall Street Journal describes the cooperation between a Chinese and a North Korean company: Limac Corp. and Ryonbong General Corp. The article declares:

„For most of the past decade, a Chinese state-owned company had a joint venture with a North Korean company under sanctions for involvement in Pyongyang’s atomic-weapons program, Chinese corporate and government records show.“

In my opinion: This is nothing new!

The article further says:

„The partnership of nearly a decade, not previously reported, shows how easily North Korea has skirted sanctions to do business with Chinese firms, a vital lifeline for the regime … The Ryonbong-Limac link was identified by Sayari Analytics, a financial-intelligence firm that works for banking and U.S. government clients and didn’t publicize its findings.“

Hm....As far as I understand: This is wrong!

A little research in my files shows me, that this described cooperation was of course already reported by the former Open Source Center – today: OpenSource Enterprise – which produced a lot of very good and useful reports for US Govenment. 


The OSC Report is - as one can see - from 2012. On p. 14 I find this:

It means that the cooperation between both actors is of course known at least since 2012!