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Idiots united

Wondering why I should accept the fact that other people blow up the railroad tracks, preventing me going from A to B, I decided to look at the current state of the technophobic scene. First I used the numerous documents that I have archived over the years, which give me an overview of the development of various extremist groups.  I found the research sometimes amusing, but mostly frightening - in view of the  extremely high militancy in subcultures that are closer to each other than they would ever admit. (Source withheld) I have now published some of the results in Jane's Intelligence Review , titled "Technophobic extremists increasingly engage in militancy". Fuelled by widespread disinformation on social media, technophobic extremists are posing an increasing threat to social cohesion. I examine the nature and extent of the challenge faced by law enforcement authorities. Some of the keypoints are: Extremists have long used the traditional sabotage techniques of militan