Montag, 26. Oktober 2020

Idiots united

Wondering why I should accept the fact that other people blow up the railroad tracks, preventing me going from A to B, I decided to look at the current state of the technophobic scene. First I used the numerous documents that I have archived over the years, which give me an overview of the development of various extremist groups. 

I found the research sometimes amusing, but mostly frightening - in view of the extremely high militancy in subcultures that are closer to each other than they would ever admit.

(Source withheld)

I have now published some of the results in Jane's Intelligence Review, titled "Technophobic extremists increasingly engage in militancy".

Fuelled by widespread disinformation on social media, technophobic extremists are posing an increasing threat to social cohesion. I examine the nature and extent of the challenge faced by law enforcement authorities.

Some of the keypoints are:
  • Extremists have long used the traditional sabotage techniques of militant environmentalists against technical installations, with the professionalisation of these techniques being promoted by exchanges on social media.
  • Far-right extremist technophobes are increasingly copying the modus operandi and methods of left-wing extremist groups.
  • Attacks against 5G technology show an overlap of anti-technology operations from the extremist, anarchist, and esoteric conspiracy theory spectrum.
However, watching people who regularly conduct a pseudo exorcism in front of the Reichstag in Berlin to expel Corona - and other sins of today, which includes in their view modern technology - let my current pessimism unfortunately grow.

(Source withheld)