Sonntag, 29. November 2015

Calls in North Korea

When you are in North Korea and you want to phone someone in North Korea you may be interested in Orascom Telecom and Media Technology, the Egypt company which is struggling somehow with Cheo Technology or CHEO Technology JV Company Hq, to be precise. Cheo uses the name of Koryo Link.

The old times, when Orascom was the dominant business partner, are obviously gone and so one can read this: Koryolink Sales & Customer Service Center, CHEO Technology JV Company Hq. No words anymore about Orascom. First it was difficult to to find their office place, but then...:

And more detailed:

A helpful remark: A few minutes away is a restaurant where you can eat dog meat – if you like it and will not be nauseated by the smell during it is cooked.

Obviously you can buy the things you are familiar from any other country in the world:


While getting a contract as a customer it comes to the more bureaucratic and financial aspects, another adress seems to turn up. It was a little bit tricky to get this one:

It took a while and a good manipulating software, but after work was done I was able to read the contact details. Collecting phone and fax numbers in regions as North Korea, China or Hong Kong is fun and always thrilling: You start from raw data, check other databases and with imagination and creativity you first come to information and finally to pure intelligence:

In the meantime there are lot of people around who worked in the field and these people know how to do business in North Korea. They should be of interest for every intelligence agency snooping into North Korea. I came along this one:

This person seems to be experienced.

Well, as David Tucker wrote in his book about "The End Of Intelligence": "...Espionage is not a secret power. More than luck, though less than science, it is art..."

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

Out now! East Asian Intelligence and Organised Crime

More than twenty experts from all over the world take a look at one of the most mysterious and vibrant regions when it comes to intelligence and organised crime: East Asia. Scientists, journalists and practitioners describe the reasons for current developments and analyse future problems – not only for East Asia, but for Western intelligence and police agencies as well.

"Asia is among the most important regions for not just for economic but also for strategic security issues. Almost 20 international experts allow exclusive and up-to-date insights into the security and intelligence world. They also focus on cyber and organised crime, both with serious impacts for Europe. The expert opinions of this study contribute notably to our to understanding of security structures, policies and mindsets as well as of those who challenge them in and out of China, Japan, Mongolia, South and North Korea."
(Dr. Christian Ehler, Member of the European Parliament, 1st Vice Chairman SC Security & Defence, and EP-Delegation for Relations with the Korean Peninsula)

"Stephan Blancke’s book reveals in-depth expert opinions as to the intelligence communities and organised crime scene of East Asia’s most important nations. Though some is known about China’s or Japan’s security apparatus, Mongolia and North Korea have mostly remained in the dark, at least until now. It is as faszinating as informative to read these current studies by such a variety of well-respected authors and scholars."
(Dr. Bodo Wegmann, Member of the Board and CEO of the Forum Intelligence Services in Germany)

"Blancke’s East Asian Intelligence and Organised Crime is a fascinating and excellent book. The beauty of his book lies in its exploratory examination of the most politically sensitive areas: intelligence agencies and serious organized crime in East Asia. "
(Dr. Peng Wang, Assistant Professor of Criminology at the University of Hong Kong)

The table of contents can be found here. 

You can order directly at the publisher's email: