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EADS goes by rail

A few days ago – time and date are not important – I took the train from A to B, sitting there and reading about security problems inside the military industry, insider threats and bad spies from the outside. Louis Gallois, head of EADS – Europe’s defence and aerospace group, told us that industrial espionage threat is very real and very dangerous in China. Only in China? I found myself inside a typical situation, which was predestinated for any ambitious spy from a foreign country, a noisy competitor or just an engaged extremist who wants to bomb the company. This situation shows me clearly how mindless all this stupid corporate papers and out-dated power point lectures are, when it comes to the profane and boring time in the afternoon, driving home, thinking about the girl last night, waiting for the next beer: A man sat in front of me, tired and obviously frustrated with his personal situation (Yes, I can interpret your facial expression and I can read in your sad eyes ). He a