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Gonen Segev in former times...

...wasn't so open to Iran as he seems  to be in the last years - regarding Israels Shin Bet, charging him with spying for Iran, giving Israel’s arch-foe sensitive information about locations of security centers and the country’s energy industry.  His position in 1995:               (Source: The Nonproliferation Review/Fall 1995, p. 103) Other sources say he is a classic type [to be targeted] because he is greedy and readily gets involved in dubious transactions.  But why all this anger by Shin Bet and other " institutes " about him? Can it be that there are other reasons for his arrest? Maybe his connection to a security company with a "special" background? Some powerful dark figures in the ecstasy trade? Or is it a revenge of Yossi Beilins network for Segevs pressure in 1994  - when he was a Knesset member - to reveal some details about secret cooperation between Israel and two not named countries? Even in Israel it is the same as in Germany with t

Drinking beer with Arafat

Recentlly I drank a beer in Brussels named Illegaal. The label showed a well known person: The taste did not remind me of the alleged poisoning of Arafat by the Mossad - the beer was ok - but: I read a new book, in which, among other things, Arafat's role in terrorism is presented. So I reflected on new business ideas. I suspect that the biggest problem will be the export to individual countries.

Behind enemy lines...

...is the title of a new brief paper I published, subtitle: "Infiltration of Western police and intelligence agencies". It can be downloaded on my website . Originally I planned a much more extensive paper with a lot more case studies, but finally I ended up with a brief overview. Due to sheer number of cases, persons and the frightening development in Western countries maybe next time more.

Game of Pawns - again and again

One of the last cases in espionage conducted by Chinese intelligence shows again a few interesting details. As far as I understand the arrested person is not finally convicted and so I will not give his or her name away. Anyway: The person I am talking about is one of the latest in a long line of former US intelligence officers, many of them working now as a private contractor, accused to be a spy for China. Regarding the documents related to this case the person worked – beside other functions – here (I did all the blackening because I don’t think that every detail should be posted online): The interesting detail is about the commercialisation of promoting „friendship“ between China and the US. There are similar business models in Germany as well and it is necessary to investigate them – due to their harmless appearance and their honorable goal they represent a great challenge for counterintelligence. They can rely on a mass of mostly local