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Covid-19: Potential for anti-vaccination violence increases

My last paper for Jane’s Intelligence Review ist about Covid-19: Potential for anti-vaccination violence increases. Keypoints are: Demonstrations of anti-vaxxers are heterogeneous, although increasing numbers of right-wing extremists are involved. The involvement of extremists increases the likelihood of demonstrations turning violent or activists conducting violent acts towards politicians or medical staff and facilities, for example. Most of the propaganda related to the anti-vaxxer scene is on open online platforms meaning it may have a potentially substantial audience. The text published by Jane’s Intelligence Review is a reduced version of the extensive analysis I conducted, in particular on the documents and pamphlets circulated in selected Telegram channels. Much, not all, of it is extremism and hate, coming from both the right and the left of the political spectrum. I have been looking at similarities between right-wing and left-wing extremist arguments and agitation against th