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Delivering food to North Korea

The frustration that China is currently creating with its repressive measures and threats around the world has several consequences. One of them will be that China will pay less attention to sanctions and export controls: Why follow Western sanctions regimes when it is all about weakening China? - this question will be asked in some small leading groups of the Chinese government. The defiant answer will be: Exactly! Why should China take care of it when other international legal regulations are also disregarded by Beijing and apparently nobody can prevent it!? In the future it will be easier to deliver bombs and missiles to North Korea and since I have a few kilograms of uranium left anyway, I looked around for a trustworthy supplier. As so often, I found it on Alibaba: Cargo Movers International Logistics Co., Ltd. At first I was confused, because the company advertises with a container from Ocean Network Express (ONE), according to Wikipedia " jointly owned by the Japanese shi