Sonntag, 12. Juli 2020

Delivering food to North Korea

The frustration that China is currently creating with its repressive measures and threats around the world has several consequences. One of them will be that China will pay less attention to sanctions and export controls: Why follow Western sanctions regimes when it is all about weakening China? - this question will be asked in some small leading groups of the Chinese government. The defiant answer will be: Exactly! Why should China take care of it when other international legal regulations are also disregarded by Beijing and apparently nobody can prevent it!?

In the future it will be easier to deliver bombs and missiles to North Korea and since I have a few kilograms of uranium left anyway, I looked around for a trustworthy supplier. As so often, I found it on Alibaba: Cargo Movers International Logistics Co., Ltd. At first I was confused, because the company advertises with a container from Ocean Network Express (ONE), according to Wikipedia "jointly owned by the Japanese shipping companies Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and K Line."

I haven't been able to access the website of Cargo Movers International Logistics Co., Ltd yet, but there are some details in the Google cache. Accordingly, the company is located in China:
Cargo Movers Intl Logistics Co. Ltd. is a Chinese International Freight Forwarding company. Which is a trustworthy service partner for all your international shipping needs. Founded in 2006, our company has experienced dynamic growth over the last 8 years, and currently offers a full range of logistical services to an expanding roster of satisfied clients all over the world.
Alibaba shows the following contact details:

Another thing that amazes me (to be honest: it actually doesn't surprise me) is the fact that Cargo Movers Intl Logistics Co. Ltd. obviously uses FedEx and Aramex to deliver goods to North Korea. This is the only way I can interpret their information:
FedEx and Aramex air fright service from Shenzen Shanghai/ Guangzhou/ Tianjin/Qingdao to DPRK
Do both FedEx and Aramex know about it? When I search for North Korea on the FedEx website, I get an insightful but not helpful answer:

The Aramex website is completely silent about it.
Since I want to get rid of my uranium, I am of course dependent on a credible and discreet company. First I convince myself of the credibility:

That convinces me. However, when it comes to uranium, I want to be sure. Discretion has top priority! Cargo Movers Intl Logistics Co. Ltd. understands the expectations of their customers. They offer me a special service:

Nothing stands in the way of my delivery of rice and medication to North Korea!