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The hidden political agenda: Why not shutting down the BND?

Many years ago, Wolfgang Schäuble - at that time interior minister of a German federal state - had the idea of installing the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung as a kind of secret service instead of the traditional intelligence agencies as BfV or BND . Well, now is the opportunity to implement his idea and, moreover, to make the decades of work of certain German and foreign political circles a reality: the complete shutdown of all German secret service work and to lead necessary, efficient government advice to an end. (For those who are not so familiar with irony: The following screenshot is irony) Source:  https://bit.ly/2Y3KLey   With the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court of May 19, 2020 ( 1 BvR 2835/17 ) the German Foreign intelligence agency BND has been weakened: According to the verdict, the BND will have to base its strategic telecommunications reconnaissance abroad, which is SIGINT and therefore the surveillance of persons abroad, on the German consti