Samstag, 16. Juni 2018

Drinking beer with Arafat

Recentlly I drank a beer in Brussels named Illegaal. The label showed a well known person:

The taste did not remind me of the alleged poisoning of Arafat by the Mossad - the beer was ok - but: I read a new book, in which, among other things, Arafat's role in terrorism is presented. So I reflected on new business ideas. I suspect that the biggest problem will be the export to individual countries.

Behind enemy lines... the title of a new brief paper I published, subtitle: "Infiltration of Western police and intelligence agencies".

It can be downloaded on my website.

Originally I planned a much more extensive paper with a lot more case studies, but finally I ended up with a brief overview. Due to sheer number of cases, persons and the frightening development in Western countries maybe next time more.