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Reichsbürger Hoodie

Funny to see: Since months one can read about the so-called Reichsbürger movement, sometimes about really alarming incidents, e.g. German anti-terror police uncover hidden paramilitary training camps for far-right extremists . But there are always smart people who see the opportunity: I found this on 25th January 2018 and it doesn't look like fake : Everything is possible and I remember the Hitler-cups sold in Germany by the Chinese in 2014. So I took a brief look into this company. The section "Über uns" ( "About us") is in pretty horrible German, looks like a foreign background. There we go: It's so obvious: China doesn't like political uproar in it's own country, but it doesn't care for others: The registrar is http://www.bizcn.com/ which is a Chinese company, you can call them and complain about double standards:

The name Abbas Kamel...

...reminds me of something... Reading that the Egypt President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued a presidential decree on Thursday afternoon appointing his office director General Abbas Kamel as acting director of Egypt’s General Intelligence Directorate let me think about the past. I wonder if the Abbas Kamel mentioned in an unclassified cable about IRAQI MEDIA OUTLETS BASED IN JORDAN: PROFILES is the one who is now the acting director of the Mukhabarat: In 2015 my old friend Nizar Manek wrote - together with Jeremy Hodge - an excellent paper about Opening the black  box of Egypt's slush funds and there Abbas Kamel appeared again. Nizar wrote: So Abbas Kamel, who is named by Intelligence Online  the eminence grise of Egyptian President , is somehow famous. It is obvious that a few people getting bad-tempered about this.

The North Korean lifeline...

...is also maintained by vessels, but obviously it is not so easy to detect every single entity. Actually it is reported that South Korean authorities have seized a Panama-flagged vessel suspected of transferring oil products to North Korea . The vessel named KOTI is the former SEMUA SEJATI. The IMO number of a vessel remains linked to the hull for its lifetime, regardless of a change in name, flag, or owner . Due to the ongoing reflagging and renaming of vessels one must look for the shipping company, the owner etc. In this case owner and manager of the KOTI resp. the SEMUA SEJATI in former times was SEMUA SHIPPING in Malaysia. This is a company with a rich history of details, documents, addresses etc. Information: I do not suggest that any of the companies, agencies and persons I mention in this Post are engaged in illicit activity. SEMUA SHIPPING is a subsidiary of Hoe Leong Corporation Ltd. , a company holding stake in various industries and which already gained experien