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Bugging the mob...

The practical thing is that in many cases mob and political power are near to each other – literally: Sometimes they live next door. This can be confusing for both. And for the media. It is not so new but I still cannot believe it how ignorant parts of the media reported this nearly forgotten tweet from POTUS: Is this really McCarthyism? Or is it fighting organised crime? Take a deeper look at the brave work of the United States District Court/Southern District Of New York and their investigations about the Taiwanchik-Trincher Organisation, obviously part of the Russian Organised Crime scene. Regarding the indictment this organisation "was a criminal organization whose members and associates engaged in crimes including operating an illegal gambling business, money laundering, and extortion." Beside others the Feds looked at this nice flat: The adress can be found in the indictment: Yes, it is the Trump Tower. Nice coincidence. A current look into a re