Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

North Korean intelligence collection

Beside some interesting meetings and events in the past the North Korean intelligence agencies in Europe – sitting in their embassies or using front companies and international organisations as a cover – have to fight on different subjects: Not only looking for business, special materials and cash flow they have to deal with „imperialistic agents“ and „liars“ from human right groups. Refugees, which are of course „tricked“ into Western countries by the „satan“ in Washington, the media, the „gangster clique“ in Seoul and other bad boys, are travelling around and telling the people stories which are more or less untold inside North Korea. 

As every other country in the world the North Koreans are looking abroad for maybe problems, which can be dissidents, refugees or activists. While Russian intelligence tries to monitor e. g. Greenpeace in Europe (and elsewhere), North Korea looks for people in Europe (and elsewhere) which are interesting for them. This can be family members, which are falling from favour. Some of them suddenly committed suicide or had an accident… In this case there is a special unit inside the North Korean intelligence which is arriving immediately on the scene, recovering assets, cleaning the place and hampering police and intelligence from the guest country to dig deeper.

Additionally the North Korean intelligence agencies have their sympathisers. The intelligence agencies from Israel can rely on their followers all over the world, mostly jewish people, which are doing „research“ for the Mossad due to patriotic or religious or both reasons. Beside money North Korea can offer Juche, their ideology – and there are still enough members of their Friendship Associations which are willing to do the job, instructed by North Korean staff. Last time in Germany it was Hong Son Ok .

Something which makes the North Koreans very angry is the „North Korea Freedom Week in Europe 2013“, especially the demonstration yesterday, 12 October, in front of their embassy in Berlin. Watching the scene beside the small group of protesters it was interesting to observe the observers, which were able to take pictures from  every single person. I don´t say that they were working for the DPRK, but... they raised my suspicion. Aditionally a few CCTV were in action, recording the demonstration, presumably not only from the embassy itself. One can only speculate if the North Koreans are discussing the gathered pictures and information with their Chinese colleagues, not far away from the Glinka Street. And there maybe a few other embassies in Berlin, which are interested in profiling the activists…