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Penmen of Beijing

Business as usual: In Hong Kong, democracy is actually at its end and meanwhile one has to seriously ask oneself to what extent the arrests, the sudden disappearance and the exodus of non-communists will reach. The BBC quite rightly asks: Can Hong Kong's democracy movement survive the walkout?   Others are more relaxed about everything and pursue their commercial interests. If we can believe the Chinese state press - in this case "China Report" No. 90, November 2020, p. 7 - Deutsche Telekom and the Chinese company OPPO become business partners in matters of 5G. With Huawei, it wasn't so nice to do business recently, so you can now look for alternatives. And OPPO is obviously a good choice. The various warnings and notes, for example about allegedly installed spying malware , the transfer of user data through Facebook  to this Chinese, allegedly private company and a few other " completely harmless" comments: Forget it, it's not good for business. A crit