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Another criminal mental confusion

My last research was definitely the most disturbing one - when it comes to me. I asked myself again: How much can the human mind actually erode and turn into its perverse opposite? My last paper for Jane's Intelligence Review is about "Incels escalate misogyny and far-right extremism online". The keypoints are:   The online ‘Incel’ scene has connections to far-right extremism, which itself is often characterised by extreme misogyny. Mass shootings can frequently be tracked back to the Incel milieu, with perpetrators glorified as heroes and revolutionaries in Incel forums. The Incel culture itself is typified by a virulent mix of adolescent and far-right ideology, and in parts espouses terrorist tactics such as the use of assault rifles, knives, explosives, and vans.  Right-wing extremist Stephan Balliet on 9 October 2019 violently tried to gain access to a synagogue in the eastern German city of Halle, intending to shoot as many Jewish