Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

Assassination attempts of Kim Jong Un?

In the middle of stupid news coverage (Der Spiegel: "Kim Jong Bumm") one can read about past attempts to kill Kim Jong Un himself. This would have been linked to internal power struggles. Maybe...

There are of course internal power struggles and you can watch them even in the outer world, you don´t have to go to North Korea. But this is something which is not covered by the mainstream media. Those stupid tabloids are babbling about Musudan missiles without knowing one real detail or without mentioning one word about the results of some possible rare tests, the roots of this weapon system, the Russians behind it etc.
And it would be even more interesting to read about the special units the North Koreans are sending abroad, when it comes to "power struggles" in foreign countries inside of the North Korean community or just in case of "sudden" deaths of North Koreans somewhere in the world...

Coming back to those internal struggles: For me it seems that Western intelligence agencies are not so electrified by the imagination of some different groups of actors in North Korea, standing for different values and interesting in different ways of life - for themself but for their country as well. Maybe it is too difficult for Western bureaucracies - as intel agencies are - to accept, that there are unusual ways of thinking, acting and analysing developments, the old crows never expected.

Maybe I should watch again "The Hunt for Red October" to think againabout  my theory, that Kim Jong Un is frustrated with the situation, unable to change the system and society fast and struggling with the falcons in Pyongyang. Maybe he decided after drinking a few bottles Soju to cooperate with the Chinese. Plan X: I provoke you again and again, than you do the Soviet way and invade my country to stabilise it against imperialism etc. After this your troops can stay inside, but my clan can keep on gambling in Macau and I will become CEO of the newborn "Red Star Software Enterprises".