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New Zealand mosque attack with Rammstein

A well informed source told me last night that a part of the video of the mosque attack appeared - bus this time with the background music of Rammstein, the controversial German band. I checked the board where it was uploaded and beside a lot of the other horrible rightwing stuff this video is still available.  The length of the video is 03 min 11 sec and shows the known extreme violence. In the background one can hear the song "Feuer Frei" of the German band Rammstein.Tracking down German members of this international rightwing community is important, because it is not about cynicism and funny Meme culture anymore, it's about serious acts of violence, terrorism and mercenaries. Therefore it is important to read US indictments on some US militant rightwing members, who travelled via Germany to the Ukraine. For those dangerous and criminal persons is only one place the right one: