Sonntag, 12. Januar 2014

Wu Jiangxing knows Neuland

Interesting to read what People´s Daily from China is writing about Cyber Warfare last time: Seems the Chinese want a Network Warfare Unit...but don´t they got it already? LOL

Isn´t it some kind of ironic that Wu Jiangxing compares now the Chinese capabilities with the US or others? He is of course an expert and so it it somehow stupid that he acts like a prima donna.

The Chinese are good and Wu as the chief of the Information Engineering University - People´s daily call him an "academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering" - will know this. Its just funny to know - and ironic as well - that the Information Engineering University had some kind of "contact" to the Nortel Network in Canada... Beside this and other interesting adventures he was a 17th Party Congress PLA delegate. And he is a obviously a nationalist. Chinamail titled already in 2007: "From Soldier to Chinese Engineering Institute Academic".

He seems to be friendly, but for all you may smile and say: Jens Rosenke and me will go deeper in our new analysis about Chinese military espionage... coming soon!