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Why sanctions doesn't work with North Korea...

...or: Chatting with Chinese secretary I did some research about the North Korean Tanchon Mining Machine Factory, a well known actor in the DPRK, often mentioned in various reports and a factory the North Koreans are proud of . Looking for this factory I was guided to one company in China, named Xinhai Machine . Why? Because on their website they are aggregating news from their industry.Beside others they offered me an article in an North Korean journal I sometimes read anyway: Staying a few seconds on their website I received friendly  help: I didn't want to frustrate my business-minded star and so I started an interesting chat, which offered me some insights into trading with - firstly - totally unaware people:   Due to the easy atmosphere I decided to be straightforward: Following the email is easy and I found a few interesting clues, e.g. about their participation in the 12th International Exhibition of Mine, Mining, Construction Machinery and Related E