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Gonen Segev in former times...

...wasn't so open to Iran as he seems  to be in the last years - regarding Israels Shin Bet, charging him with spying for Iran, giving Israel’s arch-foe sensitive information about locations of security centers and the country’s energy industry.  His position in 1995:               (Source: The Nonproliferation Review/Fall 1995, p. 103) Other sources say he is a classic type [to be targeted] because he is greedy and readily gets involved in dubious transactions.  But why all this anger by Shin Bet and other " institutes " about him? Can it be that there are other reasons for his arrest? Maybe his connection to a security company with a "special" background? Some powerful dark figures in the ecstasy trade? Or is it a revenge of Yossi Beilins network for Segevs pressure in 1994  - when he was a Knesset member - to reveal some details about secret cooperation between Israel and two not named countries? Even in Israel it is the same as in Germany with t